Of unravelling, fragments and adulthood

January 14th saw the unravelling of my to-that-point perfect WoYoPracMo record. Why?  Because of shoes. 

I have a very small window of time into which to fit my practice on weekdays and it occurs between 4:30 (when I finish work) and 6:30 (when The Guy usually gets home from work).  Usually I also have to squeeze grocery shopping in there as well.  But last Monday I decided that I needed to buy new knee-high leather boots.  I’d found a pair I liked, complete with kitten heel (because, really, I don’t need to add a 4” heel onto my already tall 5’10”).  But they were sold out in my size at the nearest store.  So I had to go to the other one.  At the other end of the city entirely.  And it took me over an hour round trip.  Got home.  Tried on boots.  Admired boots.  Made dinner.  Sat on couch.  Promptly forgot about practice.  Remembered practice while lying in bed around 11 p.m.  Considered getting out of bed to practice.  Realized that was ridiculous.  Went to sleep.

Since then, I’ve had a few good practices.  I’ve also had a few more misses.  I like to call this laziness.  I don’t have a single excuse.  But clearly, unlike last year, I’m not earning a perfect record for this year’s WoYoPracMo.  Such is life.  And practice.


 Why do I love sentence fragments so much today?


If you had been in our local grocery store on Saturday evening around 6:45, you would have seen The Guy and me walking around, picking out asparagus and red skinned potatoes with ridiculous smiles plastered on our faces.  You would have seen me break my gait – from a walk into an occasional skip – out of pure excitement.  We’d just come from a meeting with our builder.  We chose a lot!  Our plans are being sent to the architect to be modified as per our specifications!  We plan to move-in in September!  We are building a house.  And we love it a lot.  

When did I get old enough to do things like build a house, apply for a mortgage and send floor plans back to the architect for modifications?  When did this whole adult thing start? 

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4 Responses

  1. Yay! Congrats on the house!!

    I always pictured myself as a condo-type person, but now we’re onto our 3rd house – it can be rather addictive. Especially fun going with a builder, and then you can pick your colors and options and all that.

    Have you been to De La Sol yet? I think you mentioned before that you used to practice with Katie, right?

  2. Well, if you didn’t practice, at least it was because of something as worthy as SHOES!!! Congrats on the house as well!

  3. Hi Caroline — I never in my life pictured myself to be a new home kind of person! Ever. But..I’ve learned repeatedly over the last few years to never say never.

    As for De La Sol, yes, I practice there whenever I get the chance. My parents live ten minutes from the studio so I try to fit in a practice with Katie whenever I’m home. I used to practice at the Burlington yoga studio (pre-De La Sol) and that’s how I got to know Katie. Then we ended up in Mysore at the same time and hung out quite a bit then.

    If you live nearby and haven’t been yet you should definitely check it out. It’s a lovely space.

    If you have any questions about it/the teachers/the classes etc. feel free to drop me an email: butiwasalive at gmail dot com

  4. [...] see, well, what used to be the hypothetical house is now a real bricks-and-mortar place.  And we’re moving into it.  [...]

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