Sunlight and beets

I feel as though the first week of WoYoPracMo was thoroughly lacklustre for me (practiced every day, many practices were, frankly, half-assed).  As much as working full time/not having a yoga studio or even a decent practice space limits me, I do find it much easier to practice when it’s part of a routine.  Last week I was still on holiday and each day was different, now that I’m back at work I’m finding it much easier to fit in normal practices.  Okay, well, except for Monday.  I had every intention of it, but then my friend called me.  She was planning on putting an offer in on her first condo that evening and wanted someone to come with her to look at it once more and to be there during the offer-making, paperwork-signing process.  So I went.  And I didn’t get home until late.  So a short practice it was.

I was so excited to get back into full practice yesterday.  I was looking forward to it.  Then I realized it was a moon day.  Ultimately, I said screw it and practiced anyway.  If I took advantage of every excuse that made itself available to me I probably wouldn’t even do this practice anymore.  

 I started yesterday by setting the intention to rediscover my passion for Ashtanga by way of this practice, and it worked (for now!).  Everything felt good.  Backbends felt great.  Vinyasas were fun.  My shoulders are a little sore today from throwing all the vinyasas back into the mix.  But I love that good soreness that comes from real practice.  

 I got a new space at work.  It’s glorious.  Instead of being shoved into the make-shift ergonomic nightmare that was my old area, I now have a huge three-sided desk, tons of storage and, best of all, two giant windows.  I’m awash in sunlight right now.  I heart it a lot.

 I realize that I have been thoroughly remiss in my promise from waaaaay back to provide the recipe for the best beets ever.  And now that Yogamum has declared her love for beets, I’m sure she’ll want to try this recipe next.  I promise I’ll post it in the next couple days.  It’s the best thing ever.

One Response

  1. Oh, sure, make me wait!!!! I have beets coming in my veggie box tomorrow!

    Glad you had a good practice.

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